Installation Services
Permanent Installations
We have long been recognized as the industry leader for rental and staging of live events, over the past decade, our Systems Integration and Installation Department has been establishing its name as one of the elite companies for unique, efficient A/V systems. Our “outside the box” approach allows us to provide the most original solutions for your museum, visitors center, digital signage, hospitality suite, or any other digital environment.
Customized Technical Solutions
Our System Design Team is adept at working with Content Creators and Exhibit Houses to help bring their visions to fruition. We strive to provide a user friendly, dynamic solution, while making certain to stay within the always trying confines of space, budget and schedule.
We are a client driven company that focuses on the personal interaction between us, and our customers. We work closely with our clients to develop comprehensive, customized system solutions that incorporate video, audio and IT in ways that allows our customers to effectively utilize their space, better highlight their products or ideas and have all of the functionality that their organization needs.