Camera Systems
Catching the Action
While the technology may be the same, Sunscope Productionís Camera systems are designed and packaged specifically for event production as opposed to Broadcast use. Our systems range from simple 6/8 input packages suitable for 2-3 Cameras and simple playback, to fully featured multiple M/E switchers and the associated routing and engineering hardware.

We have been building Portable production Units, (PPU's) for as long as production equipment has been portable, continually striving to increase functionality whilst reducing volume and footprint critical for both freight and backstage layout.

All of our systems are HD/SD switch-able and the modular design enables us to configure Cameras, VTR’s and Engineering facilities to suit each application.

Lenses, cable systems and tripods/accessories are all optimized for the live show environment and rapid installation and de-rig associated with todayís demanding tour schedules and minimal crew levels.