The Smarter Image
In the right conditions and with the right equipment, projection is arguably still the best solution for large screen display. The introduction of DMD technology and recent advances in projector resolution allow spectacular images in controlled lighting conditions. Sunscope Production specializes in multi-projector blending technology allowing extreme formats and multiple image display over one seamless canvass.

The latest generation of projectors from manufacturers such as Barco, Christie and Panasonic provide near silent operation, greatly improved reliability and sophisticated blending, warping and manipulation technologies. Moving head projectors such as the DL3 and Barco DML are adding a new dimension to the creative potential and further integration of AV and Lighting in the show environment.

In recent years, Sunscope Production has led the field developing integrated scoring information and results packages, optimizing formats to suit display resolution adding impact and value to the traditional large screen display.

Whether a single screen for a simple presentation, or multiple high powered projectors for an Olympic opening, Sunscope Production have the technology, the knowledge and the experience to deliver.