Outdoor LED
Outdoor LED screens
Outdoor LED screens Creating striking outdoor displays provides a whole new set of challenges; weather, temperature and most importantly ambient light levels can be particularly demanding. Sunscope Production has almost 20 years experience in this sector having pioneered the introduction of outdoor video systems in the 80ís.

We have, and continue to provide multiple giant screen packages to major events across the globe. Our project teams can advise on display location, size, format and resolution as well as arranging all supporting infrastructure if required

In recent years, Sunscope Production has led the field developing integrated scoring information and results packages, optimizing formats to suit display resolution adding impact and value to the traditional large screen display.

Lighthouse R7, Mitsubishi OD10 and Barco Olite 612 make up the majority of our inventory, which includes over 1,000m2 of latest generation equipment.